EDIT: for now you don't have to join the DAO to get on the Discord. Just try this link.

<aside> 💡 TL;DR

  1. Go to a Basic Foundations session (or come to a meeting and tell us you don't need it).
  2. Set up a wallet if you don't have one.
  3. Fill out this form and wait for us to tell you that you've received your LION
  4. Join the discord.


If you aren't sure what a DAO is, we will explain that to you shortly (link to resource coming soon) - a quick search on the web should help you too.

What you need to know for now is that B@C issues its members digital tokens known as LION. These LION are used for things like voting on some of B@C's decisions. After you have completed your initial intro session (or come to a meeting and told us you don't think you need it). We will send you some of these tokens so you can be part of our DAO.

After the initial session you will have to do the following to get the LION:

  1. Set up a crypto wallet so that we can send you the tokens. If you don't know what this is yet, don't worry we will explain it soon (again, a quick search on the web should do the trick). We recommend using something like MetaMask, although lots of suitable alternative services exist. Make sure you protect your password/key-phrase very well, especially if you plan to use your wallet to hold valuable assets like Ether in the future.
  2. Once your Metamask is set up, fill out this form and we will let you know once your LION have been sent to your account.
  3. Join the discord.