DAOstar One is an industry body of key organizations in the DAO ecosystem. We build technical standards, infrastructure, and public goods for DAOs and DAO tooling. For organizations, there are two paths to joining DAOstar One:

Demonstrate traction, get vouches

To join, send in an application and receive 4 vouches from current members.

Step 1: apply here.

Step 2: join the Metagov Discord and introduce yourself in #intros.

Step 3: get vouches from four other organizations in DAOstar One. We highly encourage you reach out to members of other organizations directly and ask for a vouch. You can find many of them directly on the Metagov Discord. You can also find the list of all organizations and participants on the DAOstar One homepage.

Participate in working groups & contribute to DAOstar One

The chairs of different working groups regularly invite guests, experts, and members of the public to their meetings. Participants in these working groups are not assigned voting rights in the larger roundtable, but we evaluate significant contributions and occasionally invite organizations based on contributions to DAO standards and other public goods within the DAO ecosystem.