DAOstar One is an industry body of key organizations in the DAO ecosystem. We build technical standards, infrastructure, and public goods for DAOs and DAO tooling. For organizations, there are two paths to joining DAOstar One:

A. Demonstrate traction, get vouches

To join, send in an application and receive 4 vouches from current members.

Step 1: apply here.

Step 2: join the Metagov Discord and introduce yourself in #intros.

Step 3: get vouches from four other organizations in DAOstar One. We highly encourage you reach out to members of other organizations directly and ask for a vouch in the #daostar-one private channel on the DAOstar Discord; if they are not in the DAOstar Discord, just ask them to post directly in the DAOstar One telegram. You can find many member representatives directly on the DAOstar Discord. You can also find the list of all organizations and participants on the DAOstar One homepage.

B. Participate in working groups, ask a working group chair

The chairs of different working groups regularly invite guests, experts, and members of the public to their meetings. Participants in these working groups are not assigned voting rights in the larger roundtable, but we evaluate significant contributions and occasionally invite organizations based on contributions to DAO standards and other public goods within the DAO ecosystem. To receive an invitation, talk to your working group chair.

Joining as a guest of a current member

Existing DAOstar One members have the right to invite guests to DAOstar One. To invite a guest, first post an introduction posted to the DAOstar One Telegram channel or to the DAOstar Discord’s private #daostar-one channel. The invitation must include (1) your name and affiliation and (2) an introduction to the guest. For example “Hi everyone, Josh here from Metagov. I’d like to invite Jen (@jengoog or #Jen3131) from Google as my guest to DAOstar. Jen is director of crypto at Google, participates in several DAOs, and is an all-around amazing person.”

After posting your invitation, one of the Working Group leads (Isaac Patka, Michael Zargham, Joshua Tan, George Beall, or Fernando Mendes) will review the invitation and either reach out through DM for more information or immediately send an invitation to the invited guest.

Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Guests are permitted to attend the monthly DAOstar One roundtables and to participate in the discussion on the forums. Guests are not permitted to invite other guests or to vouch for new members until they become a member of DAOstar One through either Path A or B outlined above.