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<aside> ⚠️ The team at Bleu is building a multi-stage fund with an ultra-efficient capital deployment strategy and a deep impact on founders. The traditional VC fund spends 80% of their time on their dealflow and fundraising, and very little time on operational support. Our key objective is to reverse that paradigm by dedicating a majority of our time to founders and automating dealflow sourcing processes.


Our ambitions are high. So let’s build an extraordinary fund together. Open positions 🚀

Who we are

Bleu Capital is a New York-based venture fund with roots in France, investing in early-stage companies that are changing the way we live and consume, as well as the tooling behind it. Some of our recent investments include Contentsquare, La Vie and DataHawk and we're also active fund investors in FFVC, Cathay, Interlace and a couple of other early-stage funds. We plan on making 5-8 additional new investments in 2022.

Our unique attributes include our multi-stage investment platform and evergreen structure - This allows us to have a balanced focus on revenue growth, product innovation, and bottom-line financial performance. Additionally, we commit 80% of our most precious currency - time - to founders.

Bleu is built around decades of operating experience in the commerce industry. The fund's founder, Jean Pierre Chessé, founded and developed Sinodis, a CPG distribution company in China. Under his leadership and with limited outside capital raised, Sinodis reached $200M+ in annual revenue and was sold to a publicly traded firm in 2015.

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Bleu Capital Overview

Investment thesis



Bleu Capital was founded to provide a higher standard of support for early-stage technology companies. We only invest in companies where we can add value, and make a limited number of bets each year to maintain our focus on portfolio services.

We have built our process around identifying and supporting entrepreneurially driven businesses through all stages of growth, both internally and externally.

This extends beyond funding rounds; we provide insights into team building, hiring processes, board strategy and fundraising as an extension of our core service as backers of ventures with founder-led cultures.

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