The value of becoming an InfoQ News Editor.

6 benefits of joining the InfoQ News Editors team.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Global team and connections

You'll be part of a global team of **40+ software engineers, architects, and team leads** who regularly contribute one news post per week that's around 400 - 500 words long).

πŸ“£ Visibility in the software community

InfoQ gets around 1.5 million unique visitors a month, and writing news gets your name in front of those readers - that's fantastic from a career-building perspective.

πŸ“† Free tickets to QCon and InfoQ Live software events

InfoQ News Editors attend our QCon and InfoQ Live software development events for free. You get to learn from world-class software practitioners. Share knowledge by writing about the conference talks and workshops. Stay up to date with industry news and developments in your area of expertise.

πŸ“ Mentorship program

You benefit from a 3-week mentorship program in which you:

✨ Grow your knowledge and personal brand

Be seen as an active influencer in the professional software development community. We will share your published content with our 52k+ Twitter community and our 20k+ LinkedIn community.

πŸ’² Get recognized for your contribution through our revenue share model

Earn additional income while you work for your full-time software engineering role. Financial recognition for your writing is made through our quarterly revenue share.

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