Faction Warfare


Spin ships waiting to embark

<aside> ⚔️ Proud member of the Federation - or Mercenaries taking ISK for bloodshed, we welcome you into our fleet!


Leading the charge and holding the line for the Convocation of Empyreans is Aideron Robotics, a Member militant force that has taken arms to push the agenda of the Gallente Federation.

Aideron Robotics has been fighting against the other faction warfare forces for around 6 years and in that time has mauled their way from strength to strength against those who would oppose it, operating out of the Fliet area and taking pride in holding this ground.


Going to War

Aideron Robotics is looking to recruit more Capsuleers, so if you’re new to EVE or you’re a veteran, both will be welcomed and given the opportunities and content to learn, experience and have fun.

<aside> ⚔️ You should join Aideron Robotics if;

<aside> 📝 **How to join

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