Beyond Shiraz: A book project

I'd love your comments on this project.

Here's the deal -

  1. You write a few sentences about one of the varieties you produce
  2. I put it into my next book (my last book was a finalist in the WCA awards
  3. I get a better book, you get a bit of free PR

Email me or check out more details below

Here's some comments about Roussanne - Can you write something similar?

Here's some comments about Roussanne - Can you write something similar?

You can reserve a slot for your favourite variety by emailing me. At this stage I am restricting producers to commenting on two varieties to allow as wide a possible spread of contributors. Later I will relax this restriction to allow as many varieties as possible to be included.


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Beyond Shiraz aims to produce a book Beyond Shiraz: a hundred and one Australian wine varieties  in digital and paperback format. The book will encourage beginner and intermediate winelovers to explore a wider range of wine varieties when choosing Australian Wine.

The book will be compiled by Darby Higgs, founder of Vinodiversity and author of Rare Ozzies and What Varietal is That? It will contain considerable input from producers who will comment on specific varieties.


The book will cover 100 (or 101) wine grape varieties that are used in Australia.  Each variety will be described with a specific format. An early draft (with fictional placeholder text in red)  of the Arinto entry is shown below.