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👋 Welcome to Utopia!

Our vision is to be the foundation for a better internet economy.

At Utopia, we’re working towards an open economy where the flow of important financial information is accessible to society - developers, businesses, and individuals alike.

By doing so, we’re able to create the foundation to power financial primitives that are faster, fairer, and cheaper.

Our mission is to help organizations achieve excellence in their financial operations.

We’re achieving our vision by becoming the world class software stack to help organizations manage their end to end financial operations on-chain.

This means facilitating the entire payment lifecycle, and helping them derive insights from their financial activities. We’re helping our customers save time and money whenever they interact with the blockchain.

Here's why you should join Utopia.

Here are a few reasons why you should join us:

  1. Generous Equity: The days of offering founding team members minimal equity is over. We want all our incentives to be aligned for the long run, and want you to not only feel a sense of ownership but actually own it.
  2. Team First: You'll be joining a tight-knit and supportive team that is focused on not only growing our company but also ourselves. We guarantee you will learn and grow a lot personally while having the constant support of the entire team.
  3. Diversity in race, age, physical and mental ability, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, perspectives, and ideas are very important to us.

We also have a lot of Perks and Benefits!

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