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Our Story

👋 Welcome to Utopia!

Similar to how most young professionals meet nowadays, our team originally met online (Discord and Twitter).

While hacking away together at web3 hackathons, our founding team became fascinated with DAOs. We believe that DAOs have the potential to revolutionize human coordination.

DAOs allow individuals across the world to collaborate, allocate capital, and make decisions towards a common goal. It gives access for anyone to capture direct value from what they create, and helps align incentives across millions, if not billions, of people.

What we love about crypto culture is that you can be yourself - instead of judging someone by their appearance, status, educational background, etc, crypto creates a culture where trust can be developed through thoughts, actions, and code alone.

While we each have different backgrounds and life experiences, our founding team believes in one core thesis:

DAOs revolutionize how people can build collective opportunities for their communities.


Kaito, Alexander, Pryce, and Jason

Our Vision

Our vision is to help anyone from anywhere do great things together.

We do this by building the infrastructure to scale decentralized autonomous organizations.

People can achieve extraordinary - often seemingly impossible - feats through collaboration and coordination. But, there are currently a lot of barriers for people to work together. Collaboration is restricted through factors such as location, politics, and access.

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) open up a future world in which anyone from anywhere can work together on global companies, projects, or initiatives. It opens up access and aligns incentives for billions of people.

Utopia Labs help DAOs focus on what's important by building the infrastructure to support them as they scale. We help create the organizations, societies, and companies of the future.

What You'll be Building:

We're building the modern system for managing + automating contributor payments, expenses, and reporting for your DAO, built right on top of Gnosis SAFE.

Here's why you should join Utopia.

Here are a few reasons why you should join us:

  1. Generous Equity: The days of offering founding team members minimal equity is over. We want all our incentives to be aligned for the long run, and want you to not only feel a sense of ownership but actually own it.
  2. Founder First: You'll be joining a tight-knit and supportive team that is focused on not only growing our company but also ourselves. There's a reason why all of our hiring positions right now are "founding" - you will be viewed and respected as another cofounder. We guarantee you will learn and grow a lot personally while having the constant support of the entire team.
  3. Diversity in race, age, physical and mental ability, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, perspectives, and ideas are very important to us.

We also have a lot of Perks and Benefits!

Open Positions - Apply here!

🖥 Founding Senior Engineer

🛠 Founding Full Stack Engineer