Our open positions are for current Georgia Tech students only.

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Entrepreneurs are a driving force of technological change and innovation.

Startup Exchange (SX) is the largest student-led entrepreneurial community at Georgia Tech whose mission is to empower emerging entrepreneurs in the Greater Atlanta area and beyond.

We support entrepreneurs by giving them a launchpad for their ventures by providing a network of founders, resources, and programming.

Our Teams


The marketing team helps get the word out about anything we do in SX. This means they're involved in graphic design, social media marketing, and copywriting among other things. The marketing team really helps us scale our impact.


The Fellowship team helps run our startup incubation program. We saw that there was a gap in support between the ideation and MVP stage for student startups at Georgia Tech. The Fellowship program seeks to support early founders by assisting them with funding and mentorship to build early versions of their product.


The logistics team plans out all events and future initiatives we plan to run as an organization. Their day-to-day operations include doing outreach to find amazing speakers as well as just thinking of new ways we can help founders.


The partnerships team is what keeps our organization going. They're in charge of reaching out to individuals in the VC and startup space in order to build beneficial relationships. As a student-run non-profit organization it is important we have the support of others who are in the entreprneurship community.


The growth team focuses on gathering data and using analytics to make initiatives for our organization more effective. Creating KPI’s, experimenting with new sprints, and presenting the most effective tactics we’ve tested are all involved with this team.

Open Positions

As a part of Startup Exchange, you will never be restricted to your role and are supported/encouraged to execute new initiatives which can help the SX community. In fact, some of our teams were built from individual passion projects.

Our team is comprised of go-getters and doers who join SX with the mission of driving startup activity and helping founders. We are entrepreneurially-minded individuals ourselves who are constantly finding new ways of helping and growing an amazing community. And most importantly we are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill our mission.