Threading Change (play-on-word of Spreading Change), is a youth-led ethical fashion organization envisioning a future where fashion is ethical and circular, rooted in justice with climate, gender, and racial equity at the forefront.

We work at the intersections of consumer education and industry transformation through our tri-impact model of education, innovative storytelling, and policy research.

To us, we know the problems in the industry don’t work in silos, and neither should the solutions.

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Life at Threading Change

We are a small—but very supportive team full of powerhouse changemakers who know that hard work pays off. Our team has multi-faceted skills in climate justice research, ESG reporting, business and client administration, global policy, and circular economy solutions.

Come join us and build your skill set in an ambitious, innovative, co-creative, and ethical capacity. For any questions, please email us at hello@threadingchange.org, or contact us via our social media channels. We are @threadingchange on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Fashion is an intersectional issue webinar

What sets Threading Change apart is our robust focus on justice, equity, and intersectionality.


The need for fashion innovation webinar

Our latest Textile Talks webinar focused on fashion innovation with panelists all over the globe. Innovation in fashion is one of our key focus areas!

"We are working tirelessly in various capacities to advance the 6F’s, a set of principles guiding our work and changemaking. The 6F’s represent a Feminist, Fossil-Fuel Free Fashion Future."

— Sophia Yang, Founder & Executive Director of Threading Change

Threading Change

Last updated: May 4, 2021