💭 Change how people learn at work

In the last 30 years, software has zoomed from solving math problems to writing newspaper op-eds and works of fiction. Yet, learning at workplaces is still stuck half a century behind. Companies are spending tens of billions of dollars trying to replicate the "classroom", with video based lectures and certifications, and with no ways of measuring outcomes. Why do companies not adapt with time and technological advances? Because in an ambiguous world and time, companies like the comfort of having some constants and thus find it difficult to overcome the inertia that is instruction based training. As a result, employees learn inefficiently and over time stop learning continuously as they don't see the impact of learning on their careers.

At Linear, we are trying to transform workplace learning, with a personalized platform focused on increasing learning outcomes like retention and application, using gamification and machine learning. Unlike the alternatives, we deliver a fun and active learning experience without long boring video lectures and irrelevant certifications. And we measure the outcomes too!

🚀 Why join Linear?

Strong team & values - Founded by Prem (UT Austin) and Santhosh (IIMA). Prem is a successful entrepreneur who has previously built The Smart CEO magazine, StartUp 50 and Growth Mechanics (a content marketing company) over the decade. Santhosh is an experienced business leader who worked as a General Manager at Uber during its early years in India and as a Product Leader for the retail business at Amazon India.

Work on cutting edge tech / inspiring products - Solve complex learning problems by codifying emerging research in cognitive learning using cutting edge technology to build an invigorating product experience for our users.

Ground floor opportunity - You get an opportunity to shape the strategic direction of the company and define its culture

👩🏽‍💻 What roles are open?

Software Development Engineer (Front End)

Software Development Engineer (Back End)

Curriculum Designer

If you believe you are a great fit for any of these roles, drop us a note at hiring[at]linear.live

⚖️ Our beliefs stack

User First

We always put our users first by listening to their voices (and their silences) and by paying attention to their actions (and their inactions)

Curiosity kills the Cat Memes

We learn everyday even if its just a little bit to kill the cat memes. We believe that everyone can learn and be a little better than yesterday.

Act with High Velocity

We act fast and in the right direction.