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We are building the Interface for the new web. Due to its decentralised nature, data comes from potentially infinite number of sources and in infinite number of ways, so our goal is to make sense of it all, together.

Making Ethereum accessible

Initially, we raised funds from the public and set out to make Ethereum more user-friendly. Since early 2022, we have been building a companion for an Infinite Garden travel. Our decision-making process revolves around creating an experience that helps people navigate and interact with the often messy and unreadable jungle of information scattered throughout Ethereum, all through a simple and intuitive mobile application.

We see ourselves as a hybrid organisation. On one side, we have a core product team steering the project in its early phase. With a highly opinionated product, with many iterations, while testing various hypotheses, often in short-term neglecting principles of decentralization for a faster development process. On the other side, we aim to build a contributing community that, in the future, could evolve into a user-owned protocol. As we believe this would be the only way to take on the challenge of processing the infinite well of on-chain data accessible to everyone, by building transparent user owned collaborative toolings.


We are a small VC backed team building the project through its early stages. We are searching for versatile talent with a strong sense of ownership to take full control of their respective area. In return, we offer autonomy and flexibility in operations, with no bureaucratic overhead. Our team operates with a flat structure, providing ample opportunities to impact and steer the development.