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About Givingli 🎨

At Givingli, we’re designing the future of human connection through digital greetings and gifts you can customize and share with anyone. As one of the top social gifting platforms, Givingli is hiring the best and brightest to build the future of gifting.

Anyone can take out their phone and connect to anything and (almost) anyone with barely any thought or effort. But in a world with so much connectivity, we can feel more disconnected than ever.

Relationships - real connectedness - can be reduced to tapping a “like” button, an emoji, a quick text or swipe to the right. The truth is, we have all the “connections” we could ever want. We need more connection - to people and moments that give life purpose and joy.

Givingli is the design-forward way to make everyday connections with people, simple and more meaningful. When you share a digital greeting or a gift from Givingli, you’re making a connection that matters for you, the giver, and those you’re giving to.

You can read more about our mission and vision by watching our Givingli Manifesto video.

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