Our Mission: Beacons is creating new economic opportunities for creators.

We believe that the future of work is going to see more people constructing a career that they really enjoy around who they are online — and creators are the first wave. If you’re excited for this future and want to help us get there sooner, please get in touch!

We recently raised a $6m seed round led by a16z and with participation from Li Jin, Naval Ravikant, The Chainsmokers, Night Media, and a bunch of other great investors — see the TechCrunch article here or our own blog post.

Go here to check out our current product and see some creators who are using it!

🚀 Open roles

🥳 Full-stack Engineer

💻 Frontend Engineer

Life at Beacons 👥

Our founders met while working on our engineering PhDs at Stanford. We went through Y Combinator in summer 2019 and raised our seed round earlier this year.

Right now we're a small team that's based in San Francisco but working from home like everyone else. We're open to hiring remotely (in North America), but expect to find an office in San Francisco at some point TBD.

We have a strong written documentation culture, leveraging Notion to share ideas and record processes and learnings. We try to do as much as possible asynchronously to move quickly and efficiently. We have a daily 30 minute standup and weekly hour long all hands. We do a team dinner or lunch each week. Outside of that, everything is quite flexible - team members are empowered to work on the schedule that works for them. Most of us are based in San Francisco but currently we all work from home. We set everyone up with a great workspace and gym and learning perks to help them do their best work.


David, Jesse, Greg, and Neal in the “office” (David and Jesse’s apartment).


We do team dinners every Tuesday, and sometimes (often) get ice cream after🍦

Our Values ♥️