Gumroad is great for folks who people who like focus on shipping high-quality work for our customers instead of socializing or meeting.

We do it by being flexible (working 20-35hrs a week), transparent, asynchronous, and high-trusting. We also have a very high adherence to our (limited) process.

You can read more about the way we work here:

This way of working isn’t for everyone. Some internal docs to help you decide if it’s for you:

Full-stack engineers

You’ll ship product features, fix bugs, and remove technical debt. Our stack is Ruby on Rails + React. You should have familiarity with using both in production.

This role is $85/hr ($149k/yr) and is worldwide.

ML engineer

You’ll improve discovery on Gumroad by 100x, shipping both quick wins and more sophisticated deep learning-powered recommendations.

This role is $125/hr ($219k/yr) and is worldwide.

Weekend customer supporter

You’ll answer incoming support queries from creators and their customers, handling them with a high level of attention to detail. You’ll also take opportunities to improve our docs, macros, and pass along feedback to the rest of the team.

For this role, we are prioritizing hiring Gumroad creators who have made a significant amount of income on Gumroad.

This role is $75/hr and is Americas-based.