Gumroad is great for folks who people who like focus on shipping high-quality work for our customers instead of socializing or meeting.

We do it by being flexible, transparent, asynchronous, and high-trusting. We also have a very high adherence to our (limited) process.

This way of working isn’t for everyone.


There are three steps to each hire:

  1. Challenge, asynchronous
  2. Phone call, synchronous, 1 hour
  3. Trial period for 6-8 weeks, paid

Some questions people have ahead of time are answered here: Pre-trial information

Once we feel confident, we’ll sign the paperwork and work together for as long as both sides wish to.


$75/hr, no matter where you live

If you’re interested, your challenge is to build a web app that solves a problem that you have, with a similar tech stack to Gumroad. Spend 8 hours or less. Send a URL to along with a couple sentences about you. If you’ve already built something, even better. Send that!