At Multiverse, we're making the next generation of tabletop RPGs. We're bringing video game-like graphics and interaction to games that you had to play on paper before.

Open Positions

These are the postings we know about, but there's always a million things happening and there are tons of things we could use help on that we don't even know we need help on yet. If you're curious and smart, and have an idea of how you might be able to contribute but it's not on this list, send us an email anyways.

Senior Mobile Game Designer

The Current Team

The Vision

As a team we have two main goals: 1) Grow the number of people who play tabletop RPGs

We think tabletop roleplaying games can be one of the most fun things in the world, but they can be so hard to get into and maintain. We want to make things easier by turning them from something you play in your head to something you play like a video game, online and with your friends. We think 10x more people could be playing tabletop games if only they had a few more modern conveniences.

2) Enable people to make a living making tabletop games

That said, there's no end to the creativity and imagination of people who make tabletop games and content. We think that if we 10x the number of people playing ttrpgs, creators should be the first to benefit.