Click here to directly go to the matrix™ and start dodging bullets.


Because writing down what we expect from people will make it easier for everybody to know how they are doing and what they could do to get to the next level. It also helped us reduce the complexity of the review form and it will make giving feedback easier.

How do I use it?

Take a look at **the Matrix™.** This is a work in progress, but already 90% done.

This will help you to know where you stand in a certain area and it’s now easier to define the steps you can take to improve this.

For example: If you got the feedback that drive is something you can work on, you are now able to make it more specific by looking at what drive actually means. Is it in the area of ‘Speed = habit and flexible’ or is it about ‘self regulation’?

We think it will help, but please let me know if that is the case. Really this is up for debate and it should help us get to the overall goals faster. So play around with it and let me know what you think.


As said we came up with 3 categories: work, drive and fit. We also use these categories during the hiring process. It's not perfect but it helps us review ourselves and our colleagues. It’s no surprise, then, that we also use it during the feedback cycle. In the beginning of 2017 we started writing down what we think work, drive and fit entail. Work is specified per role or expertise. It should cover ~80% of the tasks, skills, knowledge and responsibilities. Drive and Fit are the same for everyone for now. Drive is about grit, motivation, eagerness, proactiveness, a way of working and a certain mentality and mindset. Fit is about your DNA matching Blendle's DNA and actively working on keeping that match so we stay aligned.

To help people grow, we pinned down what we believe growth would look like in a specific area or trait. This will help with giving, receiving and processing feedback.