Tips by Christiane, who was privileged to have worked with both a certified career coach and an industry professional as her mentor during her UX bootcamp.

Though the field is massive and still booming, it’s still competitive out there. Show your future dream company that you have the skills and mindset to serve them! You’ll want to:

<aside> 💜 BEFORE YOU DIVE IN: please acknowledge that this will all take time, and not all steps are for everyone in every career. Start with baby steps, and reach out to your communities for accountability, feedback, and support along the way.


Make connections

Referrals are huge! In the US, referrals increase the likelihood of you getting a job by 40% in the US.

Start with LinkedIn

  1. Make sure your profile is up to date and highlights your intent to work in the field you’re currently pursuing. Google the latest articles for how to use your LinkedIn to your advantage!
  2. Find a company your interested in.
  3. Click on “People” and find someone who has something in common with your goal career, your personal history, or both!
  4. Send them a message along these lines: “Hi, [name]! I’m a [profession/__student] pursuing [career] [at __ company, if applicable]. I noticed your experience [with/in/at something relevant to both of you], and I’d love to connect and learn from you.”
  5. Two days after someone accept your connect request, send them another message: “Hi [name], thank you so much for connecting. Do you happen to have about 20 minutes sometime in the next two weeks to share a bit about your experience? I’m specifically curious about ___”