2/17/21 Update: This role has been filled and we are not hiring any new applicants right now, but keep an eye out for other open positions at Before You Apply in the near future!

We’re hiring a senior producer who can lead strategic engagements to unearth companies’ employer value propositions, then help bring them to life through high-quality, authentic storytelling.

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About Before You Apply

We’re a Bay Area-born creative studio that creates culture-focused content to help startups hire more effectively. At root, we fix a knowledge-gap problem: companies with strong, healthy work culture hire better people faster — but only if job candidates know about that culture. Using the tools of journalism, we help companies market their job opportunities with blog posts, photos, videos, and social campaigns. We often pair this content creation with strategic consulting, including brand development and activation programs.

Since our founding in 2014 under the name "Job Portraits," we've worked with more than 100 startups, plus a handful of global public companies (more here). In late 2020 we successfully launched our first product, Before You Apply, and are in the process rebranding our entire business under the "Before You Apply" name. (Sorry for any confusion.)

Despite 2020 being a difficult year for so many people in so many ways, we're finishing with our highest annual revenue yet and heading into a strong 2021. This is an exciting time to join Before You Apply—we’re reinventing ourselves daily and there are lots of opportunities to help define where we’re headed.

If you’re curious to see our work, we run a publication that helps job seekers make better decisions about where to work. (And, ahem, here’s a peek at our own work culture.)

How We Work

About the Senior Producer Role

As a Senior Producer at Before You Apply, you’ll work with People, Talent, and Marketing teams to conceive and execute creative employer branding strategies that help them meet their No. 1 challenge: finding the right team members to help them grow.