🧠 what we're looking for

GenZ Designs is seeking a Marketing Intern to help us deliver insights and ideas that create meaningful brand connections with Gen Z.

We're looking for a creative, ambitious and strategic student with a passion for making everything they do better. We're looking for someone who always asks looks for new and exciting ways to do things, someone who has a passion for people and truly understands the role marketing plays in this world.

As the Marketing Intern for GenZ Designs, you'll be responsible for bringing brands and agencies to our doorstep...well, our inbox. We have not invested yet in a strong, consistent marketing plan and you'll be leading this initiative of executing on consistent and engaging marketing. We are looking to make an impression as the leading voice on Gen Z, and you're responsible for taking us there. Seem too ambitious? Maybe this isn't for you...

This role requires creativity combined with a marketing mindset. You'll be working collaboratively across multiple teams, such as Strategy, Research, and the Loop team. You'll also be working closely with the CEO.

This role also has lots of flexibility and freedom. We believe in you and your marketing and strategy capabilities, and we want you to provide innovative ideas for ways we bring in new business to GenZ Designs and establish our presence through content.

🌞 day-to-day

Your day-to-day may look a bit different depending on our current objectives, but from the start you'll be responsible for developing a strong omnichannel marketing strategy.

You'll be using existing research, the GenZ Score, and your unique Gen Z perspective to create innovative plans, campaigns, and activations.

You will have considerable autonomy over our marketing efforts. This is not a hand-holding role. On a day-to-day basis, you should always be asking yourself what are ways you can increase the GenZ Designs' presence and authority online. If we produce research, strategies, identify trends and/or new behaviors, you should always be looking to find ways to leverage those for new business.

We will work together to identify key performance indicators at the start of your work, and you will be measured by our ability to meet (and potentially exceed) those KPI's.

And lastly - you will most likely be working on the strategy side too. As the marketer at GenZ Designs, a company that works with insight directors, marketers, and ad agencies, you'll be expected to know how to market to Gen Z. You'll work closely with the Head of Strategy to provide solutions to our clients as well.

💪🏽 qualifications