🧠 what we're looking for

GenZ Designs is seeking a Research Intern to help us deliver insights and ideas that create meaningful brand connections with Gen Z.

We're looking for a curious, fearless, risk-taking, and strategic student with a passion for making everything they do better. We're looking for someone who always asks why, who strives to dig deeper and truly understand the consumer behaviors that shape this generation.

The current state of research on Generation Z is poor. It revolves around meaningless statistics for click-bait-y titles. Your job is to change that. Your job is to plan, organize and execute meaningful research projects that dig deep into consumer behavior.

As the Research Intern for GenZ Designs, you'll be our go-to knowledge base for all things Generation Z. As a data-driven company, our insights center around research, so accumulating research and determining how we can utilize that in the best possible way will be at the forefront of your role.

This role requires creativity combined with analytic thinking. You'll be working collaboratively across multiple teams, such as Strategy, Marketing, and the Loop team. Your main responsibility will be collaborating across teams to identify research topics, collect and analyze relevant existing research, plan and execute new studies, and implement research in our brand strategy work. You'll also be working primarily with the CEO and Head of Strategy.

This role also has lots of flexibility and freedom. We believe in you and your research and strategy capabilities, and we want you to provide innovative ideas for ways we can use research here at GenZ Designs to create new opportunities.

🌞 day-to-day

The day to day for this role will vary, but overall be very collaborative. A typical large-scale research project will span about a month: a few days of prep, 1-1.5 weeks of research, and 1-2 weeks of analyzing that gathered research and determining how we can use it and present it externally. Final stages of research projects will involve collaborating with Marketing to create content based on findings. There will likely be several projects ongoing at once (likely 2-3), so day to day work will also be dependent on balancing projects while making strides to each's respective timeline.

You'll also be responsible for working between research, strategy, and the Loop to determine the topics and questions we can send out to our Loop ambassadors.

You will have considerable autonomy over the subject of our research. Part of this will be trusting you to identify the most relevant or outdated areas of Gen Z research and consistently strategizing how our research or data could generate new business. However, research topics will also be influenced by client work and company direction.

💪🏽 qualifications

🌴 benefits