Building the leading marketplace and booking software for artists, teachers and small business owners, that offer workshops, classes and experiences to locals. Doing so, we are building the go-to platform for professionals to find the best team events in the most stress less way imaginable.

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Our Values


We support our partners (creators and experience businesses) to share their passion and knowledge with as many people as possible.

We excite people to go out there, be creative and learn new things while having a good time.

We work solution oriented, think outside the box and find creative ways to solve complex challenges.


We connect with our partners and build trustworthy, longterm relationships.

We bring people together and embrace memorable moments.

We are a company where people enjoy working and support each other where ever they can.


backed by technology.

We enable our partners to fully focus on what they love to do.

We create an outstanding experience to all our customers.

We build a working environment in which all people and stakeholders involved can focus on their strengths.


We are a company that is colourful. We welcome everybody, no matter their shape, size and colour.

We cherish life with its ups and downs (yes, konfetti needs to be cleaned up after a party as well ;)) and promote creative, colourful experiences.

And, unlike the probably only downside of actual konfetti: we aim to build a sustainable business.

Life at konfetti

Life at konfetti is colourful. We build an inspiring brand and software for our users and partners.

Life at konfetti is colourful. We build an inspiring brand and software for our users and partners.