Monetary loss from cybercrime has just crossed $1 trillion this year. It's no surprise as most companies are underprepared against common attacks like ransomware, phishing, and fraud.

Paladin Cyber is building a holistic cyber risk platform for cyber insurers, the largest aggregators of cyber risk, and the businesses they insure.

We make cybersecurity accessible through low-friction solutions powered by AI, proprietary data, and delightful user experiences. For more information, visit https://www.meetpaladin.com.

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What we value


Effective relationships enable progress

We build trust amongst teammates, both internal and external, by being dependable, thoughtful, and consistent.

Clear Communication

Context is king

We embrace transparency as it’s hard to make good decisions with missing information. We regularly host all-hands meetings to ensure we’re aligned as a team.


Diverse perspectives make us better

We celebrate differing opinions when communicated through thoughtful debate. We learn rapidly as we seek alternative perspectives and new information.


Success is a journey, not a destination

Our passion drives us to be tenacious and optimistic in both good times and bad. We don't judge purely based on outcome and learn from every experience.