Akahu is the leading provider of open finance infrastructure in New Zealand.

Our purpose is to give people control of their data. We do that by providing the best account connectivity in New Zealand.

We provide a suite of deeply functional data integrations with banks and other financial institutions. These integrations are bundled into a simple API for developers to build upon. Think Plaid, but solely focussed on New Zealand. Our API delivers payment initiation, enriched transaction data, account data, identify verification, bank account verification, and more.

Our customers range from one of the biggest banks in New Zealand, right through to single developers coding away at night on a side project and dreaming of building the next Xero or Sharesies.

A wave of products powered by Akahu are coming to market including PaySauce, myRent, and Sugar Wallet.

We're proud to be backed by Red Bird Ventures (Westpac’s venture capital arm) and 2120 (a venture studio founded by Ben Lynch).

Who we’re hiring

We’re always interested to meet people who are passionate about leading the development of open finance in New Zealand.

As we commercialise our existing range of APIs, we're also building out functionality to transform raw data into useful data for our customers, and validating and building new products.

We're looking for people with this special blend:

Some of the perks