Project doc with notes

Brainstorm prompt: Get the climate alarmed to take a first (and second and third) step to doing their part to thwart climate change.


The Idea Itself

We are using this format to structure our thoughts in a more pitchable format.

What for Who(m):

We help companies and people thwart climate change, through a series of nudged actions that create real GHG-reducing impact.

Overarching Comments and Questions

  1. How to make this nascent Climate Nudge team more diverse?
  2. Proper language! Green? Sustainable? GHG-removing? Climate positive?
  3. Which one do we pick? How? Adam, Adam, and Jeff ... Employee Nudge. Jim ... on the fence. Adam W - consultancy.
    1. Employee Nudge ... PROS: easy install base, software side business, so easier to scale if we do it right. CONS: Not as much software-side expertise on team.
    2. Citizen Nudge ... could be a climate change agency.
      1. PROS: could be an ally that works with organizations to apply things. Agency, consultative work. Perhaps money can come sooner. Not pigeon-holed into one solution.
      2. CONS: clients might not adopt what we have, 'not invented here', also SME's are essential.
  4. Should we be 'consultant' vs. 'product'?

To do's