What is Jill Lamm



Our mission at Jill Lamm is to "create a community of derivative works where the profits are properly returned to the primary creators.Currently, the art industry is faced with the problem that rewards are not returned to the primary creator. However, using blockchain technology, it is possible to create a community where rewards are returned to the primary creator. Through Jill Lamm's project, we hope to build a platform where everyone can connect with the primary creator and help the community thrive.


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Here is our roadmap for the world we want to achieve. This time, as the first step of this activity, we will carry out a Nurie(coloring) project.


You can also read more about the vision we hope to achieve through this project in this article.

Jill Lamm magazine#1       「What we aim for」

Nurie project

This campaign has ended. Thank you very much.

💎The campaign overview

As the first part of the Jill Lamm project, we are launching a coloring campaign.

We wanted to find an easy way for anyone, even children and non-artists, to participate in the creation of a second work of art. As a result, we came up with the idea of having people make NFT of coloring picture and selling them.

We wanted as many people as possible to participate, to experience the value of the secondary creations, and to convey the joy of secondary creations. That's why we decided to use NFT.