tl;dr: We're launching a Jemi partner program for creators on Jemi that are passionate about our mission. Jemi partners get special benefits like special merch, early access to new features, features on our landing page, blog, and more. To keep the program small and intimate, we'll start off with just 10-15 creators. If you're interested, please contact

Why are we doing this?

At Jemi, our vision is to build an all in one platform for creators to easily grow their brand and income online. We believe that individual creators are the businesses of tomorrow and we want to arm them with all the modern tools they need. Our products enable creators to showcase their content, set up paid memberships, sell digital services & merch, and build direct relationships with audiences.

To formalize our relationships with our closest creators, we’re launching an official Jemi Partner Program. Our product is built around our creators, and we realize there’s nothing more impactful than working directly with the daily users of our products.

Who is the Jemi Partner Program for?

What benefits do Jemi Partners get?

Jemi Partners get exclusive access to features including:

What're the expectations of Jemi Partners?

We've seen that creators trust apps and platforms that they get recommended from other creators more than anything. We believe that having trusted Jemi partners spread the word about Jemi will be the best way we build trust with newer creators.

At a very high level, Jemi Partners are expected to promote their Jemi pages on all their socials and share Jemi with other creator communities! At a bare minimum, this means: