<aside> ➡️ Japi Checklist is a habit tracker to develop habits one step at a time, focused on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness

This is a template version of my habits-tracking system I originally started in Google Sheets. You'll find instructions below. Feel free to delete that note (and this callout) when you're comfortable with the system. Happy note-taking!

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👨‍💻 Created by Alvaro Moya 🚀 Extracted from Ignite program: become a peak-performing leader in tech 📝 Alternative in Google Sheets ✅ Full list of habits to get inspired in Airtable 🌮 Give Feedback


*Excellence is not an act, excellence is a habit.

– Aristotle*





📝 Instructions

With such a checklist no day is a lost or shitty day, you will never be just focused on the bad things that happens some days i.e. at work, an argument, money issues...because everyday you are making achievements in every other important area of your life, so no reasons to be sad or frustrated anymore.

Mornings are crucial, they define how it will be the rest of the day

You will improve key areas one step at a time. That will require you to change some routines, like going to the market, what you buy, your schedule, etc. But it will be worth it. Check the new habits to acquire in advance so you can prepare properly

In order to facilitate the adoption, you can use techniques like Stacking, linking, setting a friendly environment, giving yourself immediate rewards, assigning an oberver, etc.

The one single thing that comes included is Accountability. Checking the different tasks every single day will build the habit and will give you a daily fulfillment feeling that will contribute to stick to them

✅ The full list of habits, curated and improved by Lidr community, is available in Airtable. Feel free to contribute

If you want to explore Habit Tracking further, or just want to start a nice discussion about it, just contact Alvaro in his Linkedin


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