I’m going to Kyoto for a weekend next month. Do you guys have any recommendations? - jessica

Melody Zhou

I'd recommend going to Tosuiro for lunch if you like tofu. Yojiya is a Japanese beauty and skincare brand which also has a really nice cafe attached to it's main store. Be sure to visit Fujii Daimaru – it's a department store that's popular with young locals. Kyoto is such a beautiful city, you're going to have an amazing time!

Eunice O.


Nishiki Market, Pontocho Alley, Kiyomizu temple right before closing (to catch the sunset views and way less people)


i highly recommend walking philosopher’s path in the morning - it’s beautifully peaceful and you’ll feel like you’re in a ghibli movie. plus, one of my favorite less-traveled temples is right around the corner - higashiyama jisho-ji. it’s stunningly maintained and you get a really fantastic view of the city from the hilltop.


if you like tempura definitely go to the yoshikawa tempura restaurant inside the yoshikawa inn. it’s beautiful and so much fun to watch, i would say go for lunch because it’s a much better price than dinner


Hi hi! Kyoto local here 👋🏼 I definitely second Fushimi Inari and Philosopher's Path! If you're looking for that "Kyoto" vibe then defs explore the streets of Gion between Yasaka Shrine and Kōdaiji Temple as well ⛩️


Planning a solo trip to Japan in January for around 10 days. Any tips? I just want to see things, art, nature, you know the drill. Any city/route recommendations, I definitely want to visit a few places. I'm not a fan of anything too touristy but ofc would like to see the sights as well - Taz


if you’re planning on going to multiple cities, consider buying the jr pass. it’ll allow you to take the high speed train to multiple destinations at a fixed price, but if you’re only going to one or two cities, it might not be worth it.

as for recommendations, i found that in kyoto and tokyo especially, most of my favorite spots were the ones i’d stumble upon spontaneously. i’d allow some time just for pure exploration on your own without a set itinerary.

also, google translate is your friend. not very many japanese people speak english, but they’re always very willing to help strangers. learn a few phrases (“where is ___?“, “good morning/afternoon/evening”, “thank you”, “no thank you”, etc.), it’ll go a long way


@jackie this is amazing! thanks so much. I'm thinking Osaka, Nara (if I have time), Kyoto and this jr pass worthy?