I tend to look back at my years fondly because of specific events and general out-and-aboutness. 2020 wasn't horrible for me personally despite all da things, but the year lacked clear markers of spontaneity and special moments that makes me appreciate prior years fully.

To turn that into a dish, I didn't want anything intense in flavour, since it was a monotonous year, nor too controversial in flavour, because I still want to enjoy eating it...

I went with matcha cookies because they're a normal, standard dessert that's not overly exciting (sorry if you really like cookies). And I'm really bad at making cookies so it must be symbolic in some sense.

Taste test (reaction is NOT fake):

I have to admit that my stomach felt funny for the rest of the day, but I'd still eat it for the flavours yo.


Basically a pizza but all the parts are separate: FOCACCIA WITH HOME MADE EVERYTHING!

Bread, tomatoes and cilantro arranged in a germ pattern, ricotta, and Omar's claim to fame green sauce wrapped in a real time performance.


Steak & potatoes