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Welcome to Opal, your Digital Wellbeing Assistant 💎


About Opal

Opal is your go-to app for Digital Wellbeing. Join thousands of people saving time daily, experiencing more productivity, better sleep, lower stress, and better focus each day. Our app uses a science-backed approach to disconnect distractions from your phone, set intentions, schedule time off, and focus on what matters to you.

We're happy to share that we've raised $4.3M in a seed round led by Nicolas Wittenborn at Adjacent (Speechify, Reflectly, Revenuecat, Photoroom), including Speedinvest, Harry Stebbings, Steve Schlafman, Alex Zubillaga, Kevin Carter (Snap, Pinterest, GroupMe), ISAI, Thibaud Elziere (eFounders, Front, Mention), Jean-Charles Samuelian (Alan), Alban Denoyel (Sketchfab), Secocha, Paul Michaux (Prose), and others to make digital wellbeing more accessible to everyone, through more balanced screen-time and mindful activities.

Over the last 6 months, we've been testing our iOS app in beta with busy people all over the world and have helped them save an average of 2 hours per day on social media, news, and other distracting apps. We've also helped them develop a healthier and more conscious relationship with their phone. If you'd like in on the action (or the lack thereof), download the app from https://opal.so

Why Opal?

In 2020, the average US adult spent 13 hours daily on screens in Q1 2020, or 83% of waking hours (assuming 8 hours of sleep), and "doomscrolling" was officially added.

Phones can make us happy, but lately we spend more waking hours on screens than not and that's not healthy. Social apps and other big companies constantly build their products to be as addictive and as distracting as possible and self-control alone is not enough to fight that.

Spending time on these apps can lead to a lot of good things, but we spend more time on them than we'd like and we also unintentionally open them all the time. Scrolling mindlessly for hours has become the new normal and we've settled for too long.

Read our manifesto for more.