I am Archit Mehta, a journalist at India-based fact-checking website Alt News.

In past have experienced job-hunting aimlessly for months. It is a terrible feeling. This toolkit, based on personal experience and stuff on Internet, is my attempt to help anyone who is job hunting and doesn't know where to begin.

Before you begin, keep in mind that sometimes finding a new job is like a marathon. Instead of running, you are endlessly sending emails. All you have to do is cross the line, find that one job.

Some feedback that I recieved on this toolkit



  1. We are in the same river. But our destination is different.


  1. Know yourself by spending time with the yearning octopus.


  1. Knowing thyself is an on going process.


  1. So is reaching your destination


  1. Each field has dedicated niche job portals for instance. Typically folks with experience know these — a) DevNetJobsIndia, NGOBox is for Development Sector b) AngelList for start-up ecosystem c) Hackpack Press for media professionals
  2. Similarly, ask folks who are younger to you to know about new platforms like Shortlist
  3. Keep a track of job postings on Facebook (Groups) and Twitter
  1. Twitter and LinkedIn enables connecting with professionals across various fields.
  2. Instagram is most suitable for artists — painting, music, fashion, film-makers, comedians etc — to present their work
  3. YouTube and Twitch is the go to platform who want to stream their video-game sessions
  4. Anchor and Clubhouse is great for podcast enthusiasts.