1. IMN Project coordinator (30000 BANK/month)
  1. Revenue Lead (10000 BANK/month)

Project coordiantor will carry this task

The Revenue Lead is responsible for finding Grant opportunities, having an overview of the active applications/ grants received and their deliverables and coordinates with the IMN Nodes ensuring the smooth roll out of content related to Grants already received. Coordinates the Grants working group and works together with the Grants Team assisting in all phases of the application process.


  1. Marketing Lead (10000 BANK/month)

The Marketing Role in the IMN focuses on increasing brand awareness through the effective use of social media outlets.

The IMN are a project that comes from the BanklessDAO brand. So, the IMN Brand Guide will be focused in the one of BanklessDAO, but with some differences because of the different cultural aspects and needs of each language. Taking care of the brand lines of bDAO. The Marketing Role In the IMN it’s the point of contact between Marketing Guild, Design Guild* and the IMN.

The KPIs for this role are:

1 marketing campaign for the IMN every month. This can be, a campaign using # or for example, meme creations, templates explaining something… etc