Robo advisor investing platform redesign

J.P. Morgan Automated Investing is a new digital investing solution available on and the Chase mobile app, that gives millions of new and existing customers access to portfolios designed and managed by J.P. Morgan.

<aside> 🤑 As design lead, I redesigned the robo advisor that has gained $472 million AUM as of Jan 2021.



After a year and a half in the market, we redesigned the platform in order to improve overall satisfaction ratings of our app. We were also able to:

  1. Address the most important insights from user research, usability issues, ADA violations, and slow load times.
  2. Reduce drop-off rate from marketing page → open account

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User research

We identified a pattern experience that caused confusion amongst users—the chart that projects the growth of your money over time. This chart was paramount because we needed to emphasize the exponential effects of compounding interest when contributing to their portfolio each month.

As you change the inputs, the chart displays your projected returns over time.

Novice investors said...

It looks very technical and intimidating. I thought this was supposed to be easy. 😟