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Dates and Deadlines (2022 SPRING)

・Nomination period (by study abroad advisors):  Oct 1st, 2021 -  Oct 31st, 2021

・Online Application deadline (by students):  Oct 1st, 2021 -  Nov 15th, 2021*

*The deadline is absolute: Any application that arrives after the deadline will not be accepted.


Application Process

(Please read carefully before applying)

  1. Click here to create your online account, then apply for the program

    *Please refer to this instruction if you have any problems applying for the program.

  2. Prepare for the required documents for the application

    Please start preparing the documents as soon as possible because some may require more than a month to be issued in some cases

  3. After everything is submitted, check your application status to make sure that your application is complete.

    *If a significant period of time has elapsed and your status is not complete, please write to inbound@obirin.ac.jp and ask about your status.

    *If your application progress is at 92%, it means you have finished your part of application.

  4. If your application is successful, you will receive an official acceptance email and letter from JFOU.

  5. CoE (Certificate of Eligibility) will be sent to you so that you can apply for a student visa through your Japanese embassy or consulate.

  6. Upload your flight plans on form provided by JFOU approximately four weeks before departure if you expect airport pickup

    *You should buy a flight ticket only AFTER receiving your CoE

  7. Before going to Japan, check here to see the tips for living a happy exchange life in Japan. ☺️