<aside> 📌 Currently, all coaching seats are filled. Get in touch via tamara@berlinbossbabes.co to inquire about Tamara's availability in 2022, and please include a description of your current situation and coaching needs, and ideally your CV or LinkedIn profile. In the meantime, make sure to stay in the loop about our group workshops and events.


How does 1-1 career coaching with me work?

Private career coaching is the most personalized service that I offer.

I act as a guide on your career journey, help you understand what you want and need from your work life, and help you create real-life change so that you can feel happy, motivated, and fulfilled in your career (again).

Every 1-1 coaching is different because it’s 100% tailored to you. With some clients, the focus is more on exploring the inner world of emotions and thoughts and overcoming limiting beliefs that are holding them back in their career progression. With other clients, the emphasis is on creating a much better understanding of their market and industry, and pointing them to opportunities that they didn’t even think were possible.

Whenever I can I also use my vast network and introduce my clients to valuable contacts and other fellow boss babes that can help them accelerate their trajectory towards success.

What kind of coach am I?

I’m always making my best effort to be the coach that you need at that very moment.

I’m trained to hold space for you and support you throughout a spectrum of emotions and situations:

What are the logistics of 1-1 career coaching and the pricing?

The smallest package is 6 sessions (60 minutes each) over approximately 12 weeks.

Before we begin I will ask you to fill in an extensive client assessment and development outlook so that I know where you’re at and what your current needs and desires are. This document will also allow us to follow a red thread throughout our work together.