Use issue templates to write issues faster and guide creators to share information effectively.

Create templates

Create new templates by navigating to team settings or searching for *Create a template* in the command menu. Templates are team-specific, so they'll only be available when drafting issues in that team. Subscribers to paid plans can set default templates for issues created in the team, too.

Edit templates

To edit or delete a template, go to the same page where you created the templates and then hover over the template name. We don't support renaming templates, so to do that create a new template and copy the information over. When creating new teams, you can select "copy team settings" to duplicate the copied team's templates automatically.

Use templates

The fastest way to create an issue with a template is to use the keyboard shortcut Alt C. This will bring up a list of templates available and then open the selected one in the issue editor. If you've already opened the issue editor, type Cmd/Ctrl K and then search *Apply a template* (you must do this before adding content to the new issue). Click the right-half of the purple create issue button to drop down a list of available issue templates, too.

<aside> ✨ ProTip: Default templates On paid plans, you can set default templates for your team. It'll be applied whenever a new issue is created for that team.


Common Questions

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cmd/Ctrl K then type *Apply/create a template*

Alt C to create a new issue using a template

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