Tag issues with relations and dependencies to help your team identify and remove blockers and work on the most important issues.

How to add relations flags

From the issue editor, add a relation flag using keyboard shortcuts or by clicking on the Status dropdown. While focused on an issue, you can use a keyboard shortcut, command menu or contextual menu. To remove a relations flag, hover over it and mark the 'x', the keyboard shortcut Shift M or the contextual menu. If you have more than one relation, you'll be prompted to select which relation to remove.

We support the following relations:

<aside> ⚠️ Duplicate vs. mark or merge as duplicate Using the mark or merge commands above will update issues so that only one issue is active while the other will be applied a canceled status (you can customize this under workflows in team settings). If you want to create a copy of an issue, select the issue, open the command line Cmd/Ctrl K and type *duplicate* to take that action.


How to reference issues

You can also reference other issues in comments and issue descriptions. Type # followed by the team Issue ID to link it (e.g. LIN-123). You can also type # then the words in the title to find the issue; results will show up once you've entered a full word (we don't support partial word search).

Alternatively, copy the *issue ID* using the clipboard button or Cmd/Ctrl . and then paste.


Keyboard Shortcuts

M then B to mark blocked

M then X to mark blocking

M then R to mark as related

M then D to mark as duplicate