Peek is one the semi-secrets of the Linear UI. It lets you view details of focused issues at a glance from any list or board view, similar to Quicklook in macOS.

Use Issue Peek

Activate Issue Peek with the Space bar. Hit Space once to turn it on or off, then scroll through (J/K or /) or hover over issues to preview their details such as description, assignee, status, priority, cycle, labels, and estimate. Press and hold the Space bar to temporarily activate it instead. Issue peek is especially useful in meetings when reviewing issues, searching for an issue in a filtered list, and when reviewing the notifications in your Inbox.

<aside> ✨ ProTip: When viewing individual issues, move faster with this shortcut Use J/K to navigate through individual issues without having to go back to your list or board view to select the next issue.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Press and hold Space to temporarily activate peek

Press Space to toggle peek on/off