<aside> 🏥 Hospitals face continuous strain under the burden of COVID-19 patients “Now is the time to call your loved ones and tell them all the things you want to say... I’ll come back in 15 minutes.” — ...Doctors are the ones saying goodbye


Table of Contents

1. What happens when a country of 1.3 Billion goes under Lockdown?

Apparently a lot. India is feeling challenged and the curfew-like situation has made life difficult for many.

I am now a reluctant spectator, away from the country I lived in for three decades, worried about family and friends. I miss home. Praying this ends soon and hoping the situation improves in the coming days.

Aerial shot of Mumbai during Coronavirus Lockdown 👀

My night time browsing led me to the drone shoot. Fascinating. The impact of Lockdown has been incredible. Some iconic places that are usually buzzing with people now look deserted. This is not a familiar dimension when one thinks of Mumbai. So, here it is — The brilliantly edited and shot video.


2. Kitchen diaries

A man's got to eat, and with some extra time at our disposal, I am trying my hands at some new recipes. Not a fan of baking bread here. Instead, I took up an exciting class on making kick-ass burgers over zoom.