Gender Fluid Ideology in our schools

Despite huge outcry against unscientific gender fluid ideology being taught in our schools, in 2019 the Qld Labor government made the inclusion resources supporting this unscientific ideology compulsory for all Queensland State Schools.

The so called, "Respectful Relationships" resources include/d links to resources such as

Sexting tips, and advice on how to be better in bed.

The Gender Unicorn - teaching that "We may have been taught that male and female are the only gender identities. This is the ‘binary’ view of gender. But actually, there are many different understandings of gender." This link takes students to a questionnaire which asks them to select whether the following statement is ‘myth’ or ‘fact’: People are born as either male or female, and that’s how they should stay. If you select ‘fact’ for this, you’ll be told: “Hmm, it looks like you might need to think a bit more about how we can be respectful of diversity in our society”. Remember, being different doesn’t mean we’re not equal, and we should keep celebrating diversity in our community. Re-read the section above this quiz to think about diversity in more depth!”

The Qld Government Education Minister defended another resource used in a Brisbane School. The Genderbread Person — a play on the name of the holiday cookie — is used to teach students that they are free to identify themselves as either, “agender,” “bigender,” or “two spirit”, among others. I wrote about this program in Online Opinion. It was also discussed in The Australian - "Parents want veto of trans lessons in schools".