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This article explains how to invite people to your event. Why would you want to do this, instead of just sharing the direct url with them?

  1. Invitees see your event in their Events & Rooms feed. Otherwise, if they were not "invited" and your event's visibility is not set to "Public", they will need to be sure to use the direct url you send. This can sometimes be confusing for new users.
  2. Easier to join thanks to pre-registration. If someone has not used Grapevine before and you did not invite them, they'll be prompted to create an account (and confirm their email) before entering your event. If you did invite them, they can simply sign in with the email you specify and review their virtual business card, since you can pre-populate their name, bio, LinkedIn, etc. See the GIF at the bottom of this page.
  3. Restrict access. You can [optionally] make sure only invitees can access your event. This prevents link-sharing, etc. Note: You can invite people and still make the event accessible to anyone with the link. This is described in detail at the bottom of the page.
  4. Automated reminders. If you wish, we will send invitees a reminder email before your event, and we will include tips & instructions for testing their device/network compatibility. (This feature is coming soon)

Step 1 - Go to the Grapevine Event Landing Page of your upcoming event.

Sign into Grapevine and navigate to your event landing page.

One way to find it is to go to the Events & Rooms page, then click on the name of your event.

Event page urls look like this:

Step 2 - Select the "Invitees" report.

Scroll down to the "people reports" section.

Set the report to "Invitees" (it might be set to "Attendees" when you load the page).

Step 3 - Click "Update List" to provide a list of invitees.

<aside> 💡 If you include an email here that you've already invited, we'll update that person's info if they have not yet signed into Grapevine.


Select Manual entry to type in invitee info by hand.

This may be easier when you're just expecting a couple of guests.