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What is our usual check size?

Why does the Alliance create a deal memo for each deal?

  1. It is easier for investors to rapidly analyze deals when they are in memo form versus deck form. Decks often have extraneous design elements that obfuscate the fundamentals of an opportunity
  2. It is easier to suggest edits and make comments on a memo than a deck.
  3. The more compelling an opportunity, the easier the memo is to write
  4. Memos are cheaper, easier, and faster to make than decks
  5. All materials the Alliance shares to its LPs must be archived for future reference and its much easier to archive and reference a memo
  6. Decks often are a supporting element to a synchronous conversation. The Alliance operates asynchronously so self-contained memos are a better fit for our members

Does the founder have to accept the SPV’s funds after the funds have been raised?