<aside> 💡 Bleu Capital is a solo-LP venture fund, which gives us a permanent capital base and a longer investment horizon than traditional VC funds.

Bleu Capital Overview


Introducing thesis 3.0

Our thesis: Our investment focus is on the building blocks that enable consumers to achieve sustainable well-being.

Quick litmus test: If this company is successful, will I achieve higher fulfillment through sustainable habits in 10 years?

Examples in portfolio: Tekyn (network effects), Hubcycle (software layer), For Days (user experience).

After 10 years of investing in the future of commerce and impact, Bleu Capital is now fully committing to backing sustainability-focused companies.

We seek to fund the building blocks that businesses and consumers can plug into to drive sustainable consumption.

This is the “plumbing” of sustainability: Companies that unlock sustainable business practices by solving difficult problems for others and making it viable from a business standpoint.

We love hard problems because they generate strong and durable competitive advantages (MOAT) over time. Winning companies with a real impact will seek to solve the hard problems. They lead to product-driven advantages, no playbooks have been established, larger and less-saturated markets are here for the taking, and venture dollars are scarcer which leads to increased efficiency.

How technological revolutions happen

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Climate urgency is the greatest opportunity of our time

Our environment is rapidly decaying: