Land in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is one more city that is obviously appropriate for investment. It is of great importance as it borders or is situated near the federal capital of Pakistan i.e., Islamabad. Rawalpindi is Pakistan’s 4th biggest city.

Rawalpindi is bordering Islamabad and therefore both the cities are known as the “twin cities” of Pakistan. Rawalpindi is moreover home to the GHQ of the Pakistan Army and is considered a central coordination and transportation place for Pakistan’s North.

The city is in like manner home to essential Havelis and asylums and is a focal point of consideration for explorers visiting Rohtas Fort, Taxila, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Kashmir.

The city has an imaginative infrastructure and a splendid public vehicle system. The Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metrobus covers a distance of 22.5 km and interfaces Rawalpindi to Islamabad. People are using this transport system to travel without any hassle. This is an amazing initiative for those who can’t afford to pay heavy transportation fee.

Assuming you are looking for a shop for sale in Rawalpindi then you can investigate Saddar. Other than metro transportation, various taxicabs (careem, uber, indriver), trucks, and transports are accessible in the city. For intercity travel, the M-2 motorway accomplices Rawalpindi to Lahore and is key for a relationship of interstates, a work in progress that will continue to Karachi.


The Islamabad International Airport serves Rawalpindi. It offers direct excursions generally through Pakistan, Europe, and most of Asia.

A portion of the shopping centers where you can place assets into Rawalpindi are:

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