Updated 16 May, 2021

Dear vendors,

You have probably heard about the new measures being implemented by the government. From all of us at Invade, we thank you for your understanding during this period. During this time, we would like to work closely with all our vendors on how we can make the best out of the situation! Let's all do our part and help one another.


Our pop-up spaces will still be ongoing during this period and we have implemented more measures to allow our vendors to operate at our spaces with the following rules in placed;

Booth Capacity Vendors are highly recommended to have 1 pax per table, no more than 2 pax.

Booth Allocation Each booth/group are to be 2m apart from one another.

Customers Vendors are highly advised to attend to 1 customer at any point of time.

Mask Usage All customers and vendors are to wear masks at all times. Vendors who are consuming food and drinks are not allowed to interact with customers. Customers are not allowed to consume food and drinks in the space.

Cooperation All vendors and customers are to abide to the rules above. On-site coordinators have the right to request vendors/customers to abide to the rules.

Feel free to drop us a WhatsApp message @ 9697 3884 should you have any enquiries! Let’s work towards a safe environment for all of us!