Gantt Scheduler

<aside> 💡 This content applies to IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.1 and later. As of September 2017, the Introduction to the Gantt Scheduler document will no longer be updated in PDF format (see Archive section). Instead, its content will be updated in wiki format below.


Introduction to the Gantt Scheduler

In IBM TRIRIGA, the Gantt Scheduler is the graphical representation of tasks that are grouped in such a way that they allow the completion of a project. The Gantt scheduler is used to create projects for building construction, store opening, software development, or any other type of use. These types of charts (or schedulers) allow tasks to be created for every step and milestone of the project. With the ability to create dependencies, projects within projects, and lead/lag start times, among others, projects can be created and tracked through every step and process through time.

1. Gantt Overview (Under Construction)

2. Gantt Project Creation (Under Construction)