In an earnest effort to collate some of the handpicked content from across several platforms relevant to the domestic and international Startup, VC, PE & LP Ecosystem, we present the "IVCA Open University" #EcosystemResources;

IVCA & Blogs

We will do some research, read the blogs on your behalf and bring out the best reads across the globe to you every Friday.

Blogs will always have great quality content as they are more candid and straightforward. If you have a short attention span you can skim down, see what’s relevant for you and save it.

P.S. Do check out & contribute at the IVCA Blog :

IVCA & Webinars

To help you save time we will find the best webinars from across our ecosystem and post their recordings here.

We understand that you are zoom bombed right now, and most likely you are going to ignore the very next webinar invitation that lands in your inbox because of the webinar fatigue.

IVCA Webinars :

IVCA & Data

We are creating a repository of reports, write-ups and other materials for our focused ecosystem. The reports will be appropriately bucketed with Tags and Segments for quick identification.

Members may also suggest or share with us any reports that they have and can share with the ecosystem, provided appropriate permissions to share the contents are in place.

Best of Twitter & Notion

Sharing links of some interesting tweets, threads and notion pages;

Jobs in the Indian PE, VC Ecosystem

One stop for PE, VC Jobs posted across the internet!


At IVCA, we are very clear on why we do what we do, i.e. to represent the IVCA Members (& the PE, VC, LP ecosystem at large), India based domestic and global investors, also support their Port Cos (in a limited capacity), and closely work with the Government of India (GOI) to understand their concerns.

The IVCA team that's put this together are Amit Pandey, Shreya Kumar, Prasanna Mandal and Sumeet Shetty;