What is Comma?

Comma is an online platform built to streamline the process of paying business expenses such as bills, invoices, salaries and taxes.

Born out of frustration at just how tedious business banking can be, we decided it was time for a bit of magic.

The best magic is full of wonder and but pretty uncomplicated at heart. That’s how our software operates, you don’t see how it works, you just get the good bits. All your payments are taken care of in one place - one fabulous all singing, all dancing wondrous payments hub.



Why use Comma?

How it works in 3 easy steps:

1️⃣ Your accountant prepares your payment run.

Your bookkeeper does the heavy lifting. They enter payee bank details, invoice references, and amounts. They then share with you the payment run in Comma to be reviewed.



2️⃣ You review the run.

Once you receive a payment run, you can make changes. If you haven't yet received goods from a supplier - remove them from a run, if you have negotiated to pay a supplier over time - decrease what you pay this run. You decide what gets paid and when. If everything is good - its time to pay!

3️⃣ Click Pay and it's done!

Comma connects your existing business bank account so you can make multiple payments in one click - you can do this on the go on a mobile or in the office on a desktop - basically anywhere!

Once you nominate a bank account it is stored in Comma for future transactions. Payments can only be initiated via your standard bank login procedure so you can be sure your details and accounts are safe.

Open Banking requires an authentication system called "Strong Customer Authentication". Your bookkeeper can see the balance of your account. However, only account holders can initiate payments.