The Human Grants Program is here to fund the development and deployment of applications that use the Human Protocol as a core part of their functionality. The Program exists to help and support those with great use cases for the protocol with funding, technical expertise, ecosystem support and a marketing push.

We are here to support big ideas or help existing applications adopt Human into their tech infrastructure. We make fast and efficient job markets easy to create.

The Grants Program sits along side our Dev Bounty, Bug Bounty, Ambassador Program and RFP Programs, as another way our community can engage in the Human Ecosystem.


Anyone is welcome to apply for a grant. We look for:

Additionally, it must fulfil the following requirements:

In addition to the information provided on your application, note that your project will need to comply with our Terms and Conditions.

Finally, we take licensing and the right of all teams in and outside the ecosystem to be recognised for their work very seriously. Using others' work with no attribution or indication that this was not your own work as part of a milestone delivery will lead to immediate termination.

Please reach out to us before submitting if you have any doubts on how to comply with a specific license and we'll be happy to help.

2.Project ideas

Projects funded through our programs are broad in scope. Generally they will fit into one of four categories:

1: An existing application, business or project with turnover that would benefit from using Human or any of its apps and requires funding to fund the integration with Human.

2: A new project idea that has huge potential and requires minimal funding for some exploratory work

3: A venture with a validated use case that requires funding to help implement Human and launch